Listen Up

We live in revolutionary times.  Just listen for a minute. Youtube, internet radio, blogs of all sorts, up and downloads, iTunes, artist websites.  Just a few of the millions of different ways audio travels from the minds of the creators to your ears.  And what do you hear?  Full orchestras backing beautifully recorded acoustic guitars and voices.  Insane synths and big beats.  Screaming Les Pauls and bottomless basses.  Stirring narrators and far out poets.  All of it recorded anywhere from futuristic studios to bedroom closets.  The tools to create anything you can imagine are available, and the systems to get your vision to the public are even closer.  All you need is time…and the right gear.

Welcome to Ponte Audio Services. Whether you are a composer, performer, producer or fan, Ponte Audio has the expert ability and years of experience to help you capture and distribute whatever it is you are hearing – efficiently and economically.

Here’s why.

Steve Ponte has spent 30 years in the pro audio business. He has seen the evolution of analog to digital, from bus-sized soundboards to ProTools on laptops. He has built some of the most expensive and extensive state-of-the-art studios, but he has also maximized home studios for artists and composers.  He has designed audio systems for some of the biggest television shows, but he has also tricked out laptops to allow artists and recording engineers to capture the sounds of the moment.   From the massive to the personal, Steve has literally done it all.

Here’s how.

For Steve, no job is too big or too small.  Instead of making the sound fit the machine, Steve makes the machine fit the sound. Clean, clear, and crisp. Fat, roaring, and live. However you hear it, that’s how you’ll get it.  Steve will guide you through the process, from determining your needs to realizing your dreams.  Your vision will come to life with the right tools at the right price.

The audio revolution is here, and your audience is waiting.  Get them listening to you with Ponte Audio Services.