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Audio Engineering

Mixing, Recording, Editing, Delivery.

Studio Recording and Engineering

Ponte Audio Service can save your recording project. We’re happy to give you direction so your music doesn’t stagnate. With all the self produced music out there, people have forgot about the “sound”. What we want do is help you get your “sound” for you.  We come to you where you are and move forward in a direction that’s whole and not fragmented.

If you’re starting a new project let’s do it the right way. Let the others flounder about trying to figure out how to get their  “sound”.

 You’ll be doing it from the beginning.

Live Engineering for Concerts and Shows

Ponte Audio Service also does live engineering from small club dates to large concert venues. Your “sound” is as important when you perform as when you’re recording so don’t leave this to chance. Three person power trios or a 9 piece band with horns, keys and multiple vocals.

 Ponte Audio Services will be there on time with the goods to complete the show and get you, your rave reviews.

see “Info” for Fees and Charges